Just know for your international pallet needs: "We'll work the bugs out for you".

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PNM has done it again!

Heat Treating in Imlay City, MI

To meet the needs and expectations of its current customers and future customers we have added some well needed, and requested services to better serve an ever growing manufacturing industry.

PNM has always thrived on timeliness, safety, and availability and has; due to the high demand, added extra trucks and reached a fleet of more than 100 trailers to better service all your trucking, wood pallet, plastic, metal, and cardboard removal needs.

PNM is now equipped with a KILN DIRECT HEAT TREAT MACHINE to eliminate the ongoing problem of bug infestation. Also, PNM as a facility is audited by Timber Products Inspection to ensure no delays in international shipments due to ISPM 15 concerns. These pallets are certified and stamped.

What is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is the process of heating the wood until it reaches a minimum core temperature of 56 °C (132.8 °F) for at least 30 minutes.

Why use Heat Treatment?

The core purpose of the heating treatment is to eliminate pesky, unwanted insects that have made a home out of the wood which has been a haven, and a vehicle for a number of invading species. The heat treatment is Eco-friendly and the most effective method to safeguard wooden pallets from insects.The good thing is the heat treatment eliminates pests, other insecticides, and some of the moisture but it doesn't take away the durability and strength of the pallet.